Ron Herman Sale – Now 75 Percent Off

They’re not SF, and they’re not entirely indie, but Ron Herman‘s quarterly sales are well worth mentioning. Normally, you would need a Britney bank account to run wild within this LA boutique’s walls. But several times a year, the Ron Herminator launches an online sale that allows those of us with modest bank accounts to indulge our inner label whore. The sale kicks off with items at 50 percent off, then drops to 65 percent off and usually ends up with items at up to 75 percent off the original retail prices.

The merch just got cut to 75 percent off today. Suwheet. You can’t return anything, so I try to stay away from items where fit is crucial, like jeans and dresses. I’d recommend going for the shirts, sweaters and tees – or stick to designers you already know fit you well. For example, if you know J Brand skinny jeans fit you well, then you could score a pair for $42. Not bad a’tall.

Ron Herman Sale