My Latest BUST Story

For the current issue of BUST magazine, I wrote about Keep Shoes, a super cool company in Los Angeles that makes the kind of kicks guys drool over – but they’re for girls. The fall collection is now out and ready to go, so be sure to check out the web site.

Owner and co-founder Una Kim is a really interesting person in and of herself – after graduating from Princeton and getting her MBA from Stanford (not a bad resume, right?), she bid adieu to the corporate world and launched her own shoe line, not an easy feat. Unlike clothing, which some up-and-coming designers churn out from their own apartments at first, shoes pretty much require an agreement with a manufacturer. They’re also much more difficult to produce than apparel – Kim told me she has the early prototypes of her first designs sitting in her office, mainly so she can crack up at them. Apparently they are bulbous and not at all what she was going for…. that was a little tidbit that, unfortunately, didn’t make it into the article. You can read the story and see a picture of Kim at the link below:

Heart and Soul: This Kicks Designer is Keeping it Real

  • Wow!

    I’m glad you had the chance to speak with Kim–we love Keep shoes, and this is why we will be carrying them at!

    Check out our Sneak Peak–

  • Sweet – glad Keep Shoes are getting the attention they deserve! Thanks for checking in and letting us know about their availability at!


  • Larry Jackson

    Brava, dear blogsterina – on this and other posts – though my tastes are more for loafers and spats, it is very good to know that up-and-coming shoe designers can still sneak in to the fashion scene. Always enjoy your articles and will continue to check in. Regards, Larry