Appel & Frank Eco Chic: The Pix

I took a few photographs at the Appel & Frank Eco Chic shopping event on Thursday night. Without further ado….

People were coming out in droves for the event:


Here’s Anna Andersson, whose company is called Anna Andersson Jewelry Designs. You may not have seen her before, but you’ve probably seen her jewelry. Her work is available at a slew of local boutiques, including Picnic, Candystore, Chrissy Bee, Flicka and Berkeley’s Relish at Home:


And her sterling silver lava bracelet, which I loved for its natural-meets-industrial feel (click the pic for a much better image of this one from Anna’s own web site):


And here are San Mateo-based designer Jennifer Jory’s eco-friendly handbags. She refashions vintage upholstery into these fabulous creations. They’re big, slouchy and have extra-wide shoulder straps for added comfort. Each includes a unique vintage detail or brooch. Click the pic to see more of Jory’s bags.


And here’s Ibi Oluwole of iBi Couture. If you want to learn more about Ibi, her jewelry and apparel collections or her Santa Clara boutique, check out the interview SF Indie Fashion did with her earlier this year.


In the second room, people were milling with their sake drinks and checking out more great designers.


I stopped by designer Stephanie Wolf‘s table to say hi. A designer since 1995, Wolf uses natural materials and recycled glass in her colorful jewelry. I first encountered Wolf’s work at 440 Brannan Studio in SoMA.


I ended up buying a pair of coral earrings from her. They are the dangling ones pictured in the front left, below. You can’t tell from this picture, but they have a sparkling quality to them because of the way they are cut. Up close, they look almost like geometrically shaped, vintage beads:


And a final atmospheric shot to round out the mix: