Hey Sistah, Solsis Sistah

Solsis New Orleans Dress.jpg

It may have been like All Quiet on the Western Front here at SF Indie Fashion the last two days, but tonight, I’m feeling ready to rumble and am heading out to Appel & Frank. I’ve missed the last two A & F events, so I’m glad I’m in town to check out tonight’s display of Eco Chic products and designers. Before events like this, I often check the list of designers to get an idea of which tables to home in on. Hey, I’m a woman on a mission.

Perusing the list of indie designers this morning, I found the New Orleans Crescent Dress from Solsis Clothing. At $78, it’s not a bad price tag for an ultra wearable dress in a figure flattering cut and supah fly print. I think it might end up in my closet around 9pm tonight, if all goes according to my master plan. Wwahahaha…