The Sampler September 2007

Some of my favorite items from the latest shipment of The Sampler. God these little boxes of goodness make me happy.

Sampler Sept 1.jpg

I couldn’t even include this Manic Trout necklace in the group shot because I tore open the package and put it on before I remembered that the whole point of this is for me to take pics and share ’em with all of you. See the rhino? Once, I tracked a rhino on foot in Africa. Seriously.

Sampler Sept 2.jpg

Round-up of the greeting cards and buttons included:

Sampler Sept 3.jpg

Okay, blurry image yes. I suck. But cool journal, n’est ce pas? Je pense que le answer sais Mais Oui! See a much better image by clicking the pic and visiting Christine Renee’s etsy shop.

sampler sept 4.jpg

The inside of the Zombie Escape Plan journal:

sampler sept 5.jpg

Carly Couture is doing a little something I like to call teaching a man to fish:

sampler sept 10.jpg

And speaking of men (weren’t we?), the peeps at Retro Recess have an alternative to the real thing:

sampler sept 9.jpg

This Christmas ornament from Gifts Define is just adorable. And I’m not even one who normally goes for adorable. But this is just so well made and so cute. I love it.

sampler sept 8.jpg

These A Planet 4 Creation yuzen earrings are handmade with basswood and Japanese Yuzen Chiyogami. They are really light on the ears.

sampler sept 7.jpg