SF Indie Fashion News Roundup

Wow, does anyone else feel like people got back from Labor Day and started to go nuts with the work pace? I’m snowed under with like five assignments due this week and everywhere I look, there’s another cool indie or fashion event that I should be blogging about. But deadlines persist, and I’m feeling a major drain on my blogging time. And that makes me a leetle sad. Sniff. But here are some things that have popped up on my radar in the last few days. I want to get the word out, even if I can’t use as many words as I’d like to do it:

Fall Designer Showcase: On Thursday evening, check out 440 Brannan Studio’s Fall Designer Showcase featuring some local indie rockstars like gr.dano, Verrieres & Sako, Vex, Saffron Rare Threads, the 615 Project and Hieros.

Arts and Media Discussion Salon and Reception: Pandora’s Trunk founder Rachel Hospodar sent news about another cool event happening Thursday night at CELLspace. This free event features Miranda Caroligne, The Sampler’s Marie Kare and Melissa Alexander, the new Executive Director of Black Rock Arts Foundation participating on a panel about the arts, media and the intersection of non-profit and for-profit ventures, how they work for and against each other, etc. The discussion will also touch on the fate of CELLspace itself. There will be a lot of other cool stuff going on during the event as well – even a sewing workshop – so check out the site to get all the detes.

Michaelangelo Gallery Fashion Show: Feel like a little trip to Santa Cruz? Friday night’s the night to go. Designers include some of my local faves (Amanda Archer, Donna Lou, Bari J.), as well as plenty of fab indie fashion and accessory designers from outside the City. Check out the full list of participants.

Macy’s Passport Show: Irene Hernandez-Feiks wrote in to remind the peeps about Macy’s Passport 2007 Opening Night. It’s the 25th anniversary and will raise over $25 million for HIV/AIDS research. Tickets are $85 and up.

Tobi T-Shirt Contest: San Francisco-based online retailer Tobi announced the five winners of its t-shirt design contest in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each of the five designs dreamed up by independent artists and designers from around the country will be Tobi exclusives throughout October, and 10 percent of the proceeds from each shirt will donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure San Francisco.

**Apologies if I skimmed over any important information – I just wanted to get these things up as soon as possible. Happy indie living…