The Weekend Store’s New Typewriter Jewelry

Weekend Store S necklace.jpg

I’ve mention the Weekend Store‘s cufflinks made from antique typewriter keys before. Now designer Adjowah has started incorporating the keys into pendants, charm necklaces and earrings. The Charm Necklace pictured here is one of my favorite designs (maybe it’s because of the S key here, though you can choose whatever letter your little heart desires). Cost: $46. If you want to see the Weekend Store’s jewelry made from vintage keys, bakelite buttons and – new – bottle caps, you could head to the online store like you’ve always been able to do. But you can also head to Porcelynne to see the goods in person. In July, Porcelynne – known for luxe indie lingerie – welcomed several additional designers into its 14th Street digs. But don’t worry if you haven’t heard about the new Porcelynne Designer Collective yet – it may have started in July, but the grand opening is just around the corner on Sept. 22nd. Check out the SF Indie Fashion Calendar for more information.