Killer Cotton Busts a Cap in Big Box Ass

killer cotton.gif

If Killer Cotton head honcho Kelly Emme had her way, big box retailers would be shakin’ and quakin’ in their mass-produced boots. And while hunting for indie finds is part of the fun for many indie-philes, Killer Cotton makes it a whole lot easier – especially when you’re looking for specific items. Like, oh say, for example Retro t-shirts or natural bath products or San Francisco indie fashion designers like FluffyCo, Nooworks, Gama-Go, 4fifteenclothing and 12 Mood Studio.

Says Emme, “I am determined to advance the cause of indie fashion and retail, and to that end I’m trying to spread the word as far and wide as possible.”

And if you’re a designer, it’s your lucky day. It’s free to list your site on Killer Cotton. When someone clicks on your link, they end up right on your site – so you’re not selling through anyone else. But that’s not all. Killer Cotton offers user-generated reviews that not only help other indie shoppers, but give indie designers feedback on their products, web sites and customer service. And while none of us like hearing negative remarks, finding out what other indie-minded folks think about what you’re selling and how you’re selling it can only make your business stronger in the end.

This is a great site to bookmark for those pre-long weekend Friday afternoons when you’re sitting at work pretending to be really, reeeealllly busy.