IndieBuzz PR – Public Relations for Indie Businesses

As a writer who often covers new and fabulous products and places, I know how important public relations contacts are – both for businesses and those working in the media. Hey, getting into the right publication at the right time can make a huge difference in sales and brand identity/recognition. Case in point: Daily Candy. I’ve watched that publication make a staggering impact on so many small businesses’ sales in the space of a day.

Of course, most indie businesses don’t have the time to hunt down media contacts or have the resources to shell out several thousand bucks minimum each month in public relations retainer fees.

I’ve often wondered to myself why there aren’t more public relations options for indie businesses. Clearly, a freelance pr person would make a lot more working for larger companies than a small indie fashion business. But it seems to me that someone smart could come up with a way to streamline the process to make it worthwhile for both those performing the public relations tasks and those businesses (hopefully) reaping the rewards.

Now I should say I’ve never worked with IndieBuzz PR, so I have no idea about the nitty gritty of their services and costs involved, but I did run across this company today while doing some online research (looking for an advertising platform for my own blog that doesn’t require me to sell my blog soul to the devil), and it sounds like a great option for indie businesses seeking a little public relations assistance. Press releases, web site design, online advertising, press kits, etc. Yes, yes, all things an enterprising business owner can do on her own, but, then, why would you want to when you can hire someone else to do it? It may sound antithetical to the D.I.Y. ethic, but I am a big believer in getting someone else to take care of the stuff I don’t want to do so I can have the time and energy to D.I.Y. the stuff I do want to do….

Okay, enough blah, blah, blah.