Hello Fluffy Says Goodbye For Now

FluffyCo kitty underwear.jpg

I happened to be walking by Hello Fluffy (the FluffyCo store, which opened a few months ago) late last week and ran into owner Pauline outside while on my way to get a cup of Blue Bottle coffee at the Mission Beach Cafe. I stopped to ask her about the store because it’s on my current list of Citysearch assignments (and because my indie fashion nose is always twitching just a little), and she told me she’s holding off on opening until after she finishes up with a slew of trade shows she’s got going on between now and the end of the summer. After that, she may open up in the current location, but will likely hold off until she can find a larger store space in the City.

In the mean time, you can always snag FluffyCo goods like the kitty underwears pictured here (on sale for only 6 bucks!) online or at local indie-friendly boutiques and hotspots like Flora Grubb Gardens, Doe, Giant Robot, Therapy, ParkLife, Kenneth Wingard, Candystore and Ruby Gallery.