Bad Boys of Runway Redux

I am finally posting my shots from last Friday night’s Bad Boys of Runway at the Castro Theatre. I’ve got to say, the event was one of those happenings that reminded me why I love San Francisco (not that I had even come close to forgetting). But yeah, anytime you can watch a 6-foot tall man with budding breasts dance around in a plaid hoop skirt and a see-through top in order to represent the marriage of the naughty Catholic school girl and Scarlet O’Hara, well, you’re in San Francisco. High-larious!

My shots, as usual, are pretty bad. But I did jot down a few choice quotes that were uttered during the evening:

“He’s forgetting that at one point he tried to do something interesting, and now he’s knocking off Calvin Klein.” – Jeffrey Sobelia on Michael Kors

At this point, Santino Rice tried to soften the blow to Kors, but instead came out with this devilishly funny statement:

“It’s his customer base. They want that boring shit.” – Santino on Michael Kors

An aww moment came up when the pair discussed Project Runway mentor Tim Gun:

“Whenever Tim walked in the room, we’d just feel good.” – Jeffrey

A few other things I learned:

Everyone really did hate Angela that much.

Jeffrey did not cheat at the end of Season 3.

Everyone really did hate Laura that much.

Santino and Jeffrey are friends in “real life.”

The contestants did not feel lovey dovey warm fuzzies about host Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum has vowed never to wear another dress made by a Project Runway contestant in public.

The event came to be after organizer Marc Huestis contacted Santino on MySpace.
And now on to the visuals:

Marc introducing the evening

bad boys 1.jpg

Santino (left) and Jeffrey discussing the important issues.

bad boys use second.jpg

Jeffrey (by the way, part of his neck tattoo is his son’s name, Harrison)

bad boys 2.jpg

The fabulous Denise Hale, who was classy even during the aforementioned Catholic school girl with flying boobies incident

bad boys 3.jpg

One of the fashion show contestants

bad boys 4.jpg

Denise Hale failing to find words for one of the crazy outfits on stage

bad boys 5.jpg

Oops. Her nipple slipped out.

bad boys 6.jpg

This one was very original.

bad boys 7.jpg

The fashion show ensemble prepares to take a bow

bad boys 8.jpg