The Sampler July 2007

I’m a little late this month posting the goods from The Sampler, but I had to go pick it up at the dreaded post office. That always slows me down a bit (I know, a little violin somewhere…. but I just hate the post office. It’s a personal hang-up of mine).

Group shot:

Sampler July 07 1.jpg

These one-of-a-kind buttons from Re-Conceived kinda have a Simpsons-esque quality too ’em:

Sampler July 07 3.jpg

I am not a biker, except for on extremely rare occasions involving bachelorette parties and Tiburon and much peer pressure, but if I were a regular cyclist in San Francisco, I would be quite pleased to have this cute waterproof seat cover from Canada’s Lily Bug.

Sampler July 07 2.jpg

Next time you’re having a goth or punk knitter moment, Pretty in Punk would be the place to go to pick up rocking patterns for alternative knit apparel and objects d’art:

Sampler July 07 4.jpg