D.I.Y. Time: The Shirt Project

So I have no aspirations of ever being a “real” designer, but I do like to mess around with the crafty crafts every now and again. Over the weekend, I engaged in this quickie shirt project. I had a yellow velour sweatshirt with a stain on the front breast area, but perfectly good sleeves and a sailboat print top with ruffly sleeves that I look really stupid in. I am just not a ruffle sleeve girl. I would recommend this kind of garment triage when next you find yourself in a similar situation.

Blurry pic of the shirt and offending sleeves:

Shirt Project 1.jpg

Shirt with ruffle cut off, turned inside out, ready to get new sleeves:

Shirt Project 2.jpg

Pins! Pins! Always use pins. As you can see, I was not being anal about the seam allowances, etc.

Shirt Project 3.jpg

Tah-dah! And she’s done. Actually, I had to take the sleeves off and resew them because I was trying to match the seams on the sweatshirt with the ones on the sailboat shirt. But it’s done. I’m pleased. There’s nothing like taking two pieces you hate and ending up with one you like. This is also one of the quickest, easiest sorts of garment reconstruction projects you can do.

Shirt Project 4.jpg