SF Indie Fashion Goes to the Movies

Okay, not movies about fashion, but movies that people who like indie fashion will probably like – in that indie fashion is inherently connected to social responsibility – and better environmental practices, imho. And anyway, it piqued my interest. And I’m the editor. So there.

The Urban Alliance for Sustainability is hosting a Green Movie Night featuring short films Point of Return and Escape from Affluenza on Thursday, July 19, at 6pm at the Little Roxie Theater.

More from the UAS:

Afterwards, conversation continues down the block at Elixir (www.elixirsf.com), a Green-Certified business offering Green Movie Night attendees $1 off any organic beer, wine or mixed drink with ticket stub.

Movie Night Details:

Doors open at 6pm, speakers and film start at 6:30pm. Seating is limited and we’ll start promptly so you are encouraged to come early. Admission is $8 or $4 for seniors and New College students, payable at the Roxie box office two doors down. Additionally, a discount is available to qualified UAS members – for more info go to http://www.UAS.coop/join

Movie Description:

Point of Return, a 17 minute video documentary, shows what happens to your recyclables after they leave the curb and explores sustainable choices, evaluating local, regional, and international consequences. Using Oakland and the Pacific Rim as a case study, Point of Return looks at recycling beyond its environmental dimensions, highlighting its importance as a land use and economic development issue. The documentary seeks to raise the profile of these topics among the general public (aka “consumers”), elected officials, and other decision makers. Point of Return moves beyond the “feelgood” comprehension of recycling, putting it in context of the quest for Zero Waste, and the infrastructure necessary to achieve a more sustainable economy. Movie Length: 17 min.

Escape from Affluenza

Ever considered giving up the “rat race”? Worried you’re spending too much money, getting caught up in consumerism and leaving behind your true values? Want to know how to put simple living into practice? Escape from Affluenza is a one-hour PBS special providing practical solutions to the problem of “affluenza” — an epidemic of stress, waste, overconsumption and environmental decay. Escape from Affluenza shows how some Americans are calling a halt to keeping up with the Joneses and abandoning the consumer chase. Movie Length: 56min.

Forum Speakers:

Steve Lautze and Dave Waldorf, from The Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA) who are the creators of this Point of Return! Steve is one of the co-producers of the film (and also is actually in it). Dave has been a key member of the team that has developed and promoted the film. Rachel Balsley from The Berkeley Environmental Alumni Network (BEAN), who engages alumni from the University of California at Berkeley in professional and fun networking opportunities as well as environmental philanthropy and volunteering activities that benefit the University.”