Monday Morning Mourning

lava pendant.jpg

Ah, Monday mourning, when Friday seems but just a dream. For me, the weekend kicked off with a stop on Friday evening at the Lucky 13 event at 111 Minna. I didn’t take any action pix while I was there – I don’t know, I just wasn’t in the schmooze mood, which you kind of have to be in to introduce yourself to strangers and chat it up in a loud, semi-crowded space. I had a good time looking at the designers’ tables and even learned about quite a few folks I’d never heard of before. It was cool, but I couldn’t stay for the runway show and I was also there all by my lonesome – and it was definitely a more social hang than some indie designer events in the city. Plus, I was carrying this big-ass bag from the Westfield Center (I know, sin!!) that kept hitting everyone I walked past.

One designer that I really liked: Kari ‘Ruby’ Iacuaniello, whose jewelry has a sort of tribal-meets-fashionista feeling. She uses materials like driftwood, horn, hand-carved wood, lava rock and shells with semi-precious stones, pendants and beads. The style is very eclectic – you can surf through her etsy shop and see a wide range of designs – she’s doesn’t limit herself to one look. And her prices are really reasonable – most are in the $20-$60 range. The lava pendant (yeah, that’s lava, isn’t that rad?) pictured here is $30.