Design For Change Pix

Yesterday’s Design For Change thrown by DAI and Guerrilla Fashionista held at Medjool and Foreign Cinema (nextdoor to each other) definitely set my day off in the right direction – even though I was busted (twice!!) wearing H&M. Gasp! How could I go to an indie fashion event suited up in something that came off the racks of a store that might as well be the poster child for mass consumerism? Folks, all I can say is that H&M calls out to me sometimes, much like the Sirens did to Odysseus. And besides, my basic philosophy is that I buy from locally-owned stores, artists and independent designers as often as I can, but I can’t buy all indie all the time. If I did, I would lack basics like socks. And pants. And jogging shoes.

Okay, done with mini-tirade. There were a lot of great designers at the show, as well as some rad artists (I am itching to buy one of Hilary Williams‘ San Francisco city prints).

I took a few shots of some of the people at the show. I wanted to take pictures of everyone, but I didn’t.

Here’s Katrin of A Liaison, a textile design label that features limited edition apparel and accessories printed with photographic images. And guess what, she’d heard of my blog (i.e. this blog). Thanks for reading! You rock.

DFC 1.jpg

And here’s Regina Marie Vista, jewelry artist and owner of Mimosa Studio. I’ve got several Mimosa Studio pieces that I wear all the time.

DFC 2.jpg

I snagged a print from artist Julie Christine (her web site will be up soon!):

DFC 3.jpg

And these smiling ladies are Jessica and Glenda of Lucky Skirt:

DFC 4.jpg

And I got to meet Jessica of Future Momo in person (I blogged about her jewelry earlier this month). She’s on the right. Her friend is really cool, too. But I’m a loser and forgot her name! She also designs. If you read this, get in touch so I can rectify this egregious error!

DFC 5.jpg

And last but not least, the lovely Andrea of CraftyBitch. I love anything with the word bitch in the title. And I love me some animal print (seriously, you should see my living room. I have four competing animal prints happening in here. It’s one of those things where you know you went overboard, but you don’t care because, dammit, you like it.)

DFC 6.jpg