San Francisco Magazine Best of the Bay – Fashion Salon Pix

Yes, it has been over a week since last Thursday’s Best of the Bay gala thrown by San Francisco magazine. In the blogosphere, that could be considered eons. But SF Indie Fashion, being a little self-supporting endeavor of mine, occasionally has to wait until I get back into town and down to brass tacks before pictures like these hit the information superhighway.

At the party, the Fashion Salon was my favorite part. Of course, there was awesome food and wine – good music, too. But I’m not really the big party, lots of people ambling everywhere sort of gal. I prefer to hang out in the corner and observe. So I was psyched to find this little stage with its rotating selections from five local designers. One, gr.dano, was already one of my favorite local labels. The other two I am featuring here – Vierrieres & Sako and Elena Vasileva have become new favorites.

So here we go. As always, pardon wine-induced poor photo skills.
Elena Vasileva’s Fall 2007 collection is to-die-for. These shots don’t do it justice in the least. So if these pique your interest at all, click through to the web site to see the garments shown in their best light.

BOB 1.jpg

BOB 2.jpg
BOB 3.jpg

BOB 4.jpg

BOB 5.jpg

And now moving on to Verrieres & Sako. I was visibly salivating over the white dress. But then, I’ve always been a sucker for Marilyn Monroe. But this sort of cream winter white is going to be all over the place this fall.
BOB 6.jpg

BOB 7.jpg

BOB 8.jpg

BOB 9.jpg

BOB 10.jpg

And now for gr.dano. Always inventive, but still wearable. I sit around in sweatpants all day (such is the splendid life of a freelance writer), but if I had to look good for office life, I’d be swimming in gr.dano’s versatile separates. They’re cool and artsy without being over-the-top. I am a huge fan of gr.dano jackets. Check out the Fall 2007 collection to see what is quite possibly the most lovely tailored jacket I have seen in ages. Seriously. I thought I was going to pee in my pants with glee when I saw it.

BOB 11.jpg

BOB 12.jpg

BOB 13.jpg

BOB 14.jpg

BOB 15.jpg

And that’s all she wrote.