Elizabeth Charles Summer Sale

After reading Daily Candy‘s feature today on the rad 18th Amendment Colbert Jeans, I checked out the Elizabeth Charles web site and saw that the online boutique is having a 50 to 75 percent off sale through July 8. So if you’re indie fashion sensibilities are hankering for a little Aussie infusion (the store specializes in Australian designers), you know where to go. Not sure if the sale extends to the land-based store or if it’s just online. But I’ll let you chew on that one. I’ve got to go jogging with my mom to work off the 17 bottles of wine I drank last night. No, this is not typical. Jogging yes, 17 bottles and mom, no. I’m on a double-parent vacation, meaning not two but four parents, with my husband in Northern Michigan, hence the quick posts these days… Toodles.