Makool Loves You, We Love Makool

Makool Queen Annes Lace Dress.jpg

SF Indie Fashion loves this Queen Anne’s Lace Wrap Dress. First, as Portland-based design label Makool Loves You points out in the product description, wrap dresses are universally flattering. We agree. Ain’t nothin’ gonna make you look like a lady like a wrap dress. And second, we love the color combination. It just pops. And this is one way to wear red without, you know, wearing red. Some of us have a hard time wearing red. It’s just so, um, red. But perhaps most importantly, this dress features Queen Anne’s Lace, a flower that, for me at least, sparks many childhood memories. It’s a wildflower that grows throughout Virginia (where SF Indie Fashion grew up) – especially alongside rural roads and in overgrown fields. My mom once traumatized my brother and me by making us hike along a road picking wildflowers to make table arrangements – and picking wildflowers is not something you’re supposed to do. I was a rule-monger back then, at the tender age of 12. And also just completely embarrassed to be seen in a ditch on the side of the road with my mom. But I digress. Cost: $98 (on sale from $130).

Makool Loves You just launched its online store this month and also has a fun blog you should check out. You can buy ready to wear Makool Loves You goodies like this fab dress or commission designer Anisa Makhoul to make you something one-of-a-kind. At SF Indie Fashion, we extra love one-of-a-kind. We think it’s very 21st century.

  • june kim

    Being indie is more than just how you dress

    • i couldn’t agree more! it’s an ethos. of course, what being indie means is really different to different people – probably could spark a lot of debate!