Built By Wendy Sew Kit – Great Gift!

Built By Wendy Sewing Kit.jpgIt’s no secret that I’m a fan of NYC’s Built By Wendy. In fact, it’s one of the few non-Bay Area labels I blog about repeatedly. The other day, I noticed Built By Wendy’s Sewing Kit. For $120, you get a copy of Built By Wendy’s Sew U book, six patterns, a tape measure, tote bag and a fancy pants white gift box. And you can even choose the six patterns out of a possible 10. Built By Wendy patterns are especially cool in that one will work for multiple items. The same pattern could be used to make a shirt, but altered slightly and with different fabric for a coat. Kinda cool.

I’m a crap seamstress myself, but I think this is an excellent gift idea for the D.I.Y. sewing mavens in your life.