The Weekend Store Gets Cuffed

weekend store cufflinks.jpg

The Weekend Store‘s newsletter arrived in my inbox today, and it reminded me of something v. important. Father’s Day is right around the friggin’ corner! Oh my. Without the weather getting hot as balls to remind me that summer’s here as it did in my youth, this annual holiday just pops up on me every time. On top of that, my dad’s birthday is the day after father’s day. So I gots to get to shopping. If you have a hipster or writer or academic dad, The Weekend Store’s cufflink designs are pretty rockin’. My dad is more of the polo-shirt-wearing corporate type. So I won’t be buying them for him. But If I were a man and a dad, I would want my kids to give me these bad boys. Each pair of custom sterling silver cufflinks are made from typewriter keys. Cost: $75. (PS If you want these for Father’s Day, you should order, like, right now. Each pair takes a week to create and deliver.)