Going Global with Kuukivi Designs

Kuukivi Red Coral Necklace.jpg

Jewelry designer Sheela Rayala’s Kirali necklace does something I love. It hints at a current trend without actually copying or mimicking the trend. You know those necklaces with mini horn pendants you see everywhere these days? This necklace offers the same juxtaposition of the natural with the modern, but does so in a way that’s fresh, independent and unexpected. And the deep red color is just lovely. Cost: $99.

Most of the designs Rayala creates through her company Kuukivi combine beads, chain links and pendants collected from her travels around the world. Born and raised in India, Rayala spent over a decade living in the Bay Area before recently relocating for the year to Europe to spend time with her Finnish husband’s side of the family. The global influences in her life are clear in her designs, which combine sterling silver and gold-filled chains with precious and semi-precious stones, Bali beads, Rudraksha from the Himalayas, coin pearls and many other fetching bits of eye-candy.