Last Hip Pocket Jeans Party ‘Til July – May 23rd

Monique Simmons is hosting another Hip Pocket Jeans Party this week. The events take place at her home and feature designer men’s and women’s denim at up to 80 percent off retail (with all the great ways to score cheap denim in the city, I almost never pay full price – this is one of those fab “fashion work-around” opportunities).

At the last Hip Pocket event I attended, we tried on jeans in the Simmons’ dining room. As I was flashing my lily white cottage cheese ass to an innocent cadre of unsuspecting strangers, several seasoned attendees were demurely slipping jeans on and off under their versatile knee-length dresses. A great way to avoid overexposure. I vowed that I would do the same next time!

Designers include:

  • J Brand
  • True Religion
  • Hudson
  • Chip & Pepper
  • Antik Denim
  • Rock & Republic
  • Citizens of Humanity
  • Taverniti So
  • Kasil
  • 575 Denim
  • Peoples Liberation

There are also belts, bags and accessories. And, just so you don’t have to tote around your precious paper monies, they take MC and Visa. Good to know.

Wanna go? Email me using the contact link on the upper left, and I’ll send you the invitation (I don’t want to post Monique’s address for the whole world to see!)…

  • Jane

    How does one get started hosting these types of parties? Thanks.