Behold The Sampler – April 2007

At long last, I am uploading some shots of April’s Sampler stash. Love The Sampler!! It’s such a great way to find out about other indie artists, crafters and designers and the cool projects they’re developing in places around the world. The Chic36 purse below, for example, comes from Japan. Sublime Stitching? Texas. You get the point. And you not only get to *see* all the great stuff they’re doing – you actually get to hold it in your hot little hands, wear it, use it and give it away to other people who appreciate indie goods.

Sampler Whole View.JPG

Chic 36 Purse.JPG

Sublime Stitching.JPG

Re Conceived Buttons.JPG

My favorite mirror.JPG

Traveling Rhinos.JPG