Academy of Art Fashion Show – Photos

The Academy of Art Fashion Show held last weekend was, hands down, the best fashion runway show I’ve seen in San Francisco. Ever. Honestly, the designs coming down that runway from both the BFA and MFA students were just friggin’ amazing, to put it poetically. Not only were the clothes exciting, innovative and well-crafted, but they were – for the most part – wearable fashion – real looks that, at the same time, obviously came from years studying and thinking about fashion in an academic environment.

The catwalk itself was just about a city block in length. The music was seamlessly integrated into the show. The models walked well and wore the clothes well – even when their shoes were too big or the crowd was yelling and making good natured attempts to distract them (some of the male models were getting some serious ego boosting catcalls from the spectators).

As usual, my camera was the bane of my existence. I only had enough room on my memory card for eight sad little pictures. And I was stuck behind this annoying woman who kept talking about which models were pretty and which ones weren’t the whole time. I was like, um, clothing? Fashion? Hello. Shut it so I can concentrate.
AA Show 6.jpg

AA Show 4.jpg

AA Show 7.jpg

AA Show 8.jpg

AA Show 21.jpg

AA Show 1.jpg

AA Show 3.jpg