Red Dot Fashion Show – Photos

Red Dot threw its own fashion show at Servino’s in Tiburon on Saturday night. I wish more local boutiques did events like this. It was small enough to be a laid-back, fun event (i.e. no snooty door people, expensive tickets or other such madness), but, thanks to the DJs tunes and the well-coiffed models (seriously, the hair was really good), still had a great work-it vibe. It definitely satisfied my fashion show craving for the month.

Also, through sponsors like L’Bel Paris and Skin Handbags, the owners of Red Dot were able to offer cheap admission – $10 with a goodie bag that included a $10 gift certificate to the store, L’Bel samples and a pair of earrings – and donate the proceeds to breast cancer non-profits. And, for $60, we were able to reserve a table for (hence our oh so stylin’ VIP sign) six, which came with six goodie bags. As you can see, I am preoccupied with goodie bags. They also poured free champagne and wine before the show and laid out appetizers for the guests. Pretty nice set-up.

Anyone who’s read this site knows I absolutely blow at taking pictures. So don’t let the quality of the images influence your thoughts on the clothes! I liked the looks they showed for summer – a lot of cute dresses and wider leg pants.


The flowers they used to mark the runway:

Red Dot Flowers 1.JPG

Dress + leggings + flats = easy, easy outfit.

RD Show 1.JPG

Another cute swingy dress for summer:

RD Show 2.JPG

Okay I swear that this dress is SO MUCH better looking in real life. A great semi-dressy piece for the punk-ish girl, I think.

RD Show 3.JPG

Another cute dress. As you can see, the bulk of the crowd was gathered around the free bubbly!

RD Show 4.JPG

Okay, I’m not even going to comment on this one.

RD Show 5.JPG

Wide pants.

RD Show 6.JPG

Wide, over-shoe pants and big belt.

RD Show 7.JPG

Towards the end of the show.

RD Show 8.JPG

Cute top.

RD Show 9.JPG

And now we move on to the incident I like to call Pengate 2007. One of our crew went to procure a Coke from the bar and returned only to find that his straw was, in fact, the bartender’s pen. For some reason, we found this extremely funny, so much so that I proceeded to photograph the offending pen.

Pen Gate 2007.JPG

The would-be Coke drinkers:

Chris and Gen Pen Incident.JPG

The husband at his first fashion show! Aww. And lovely sister-in-law trying to be nice. Even though she littered on Earth Day and got caught. Doesn’t she look sneaky?
Brian and Heather Red Dot.JPG