The Buzz on Sparkle Bug

sparkle bug necklace.gif

A little birdie recently told me about Sparkle Bug Designs by local accessories designer Erin Hillmer. I love the look of the Crystal Rain necklace pictured here. It’s got action, intrigue an asymmetry that, unlike most asymmetrical things, is pleasing to mine eyes. And of course, there’s sparkle. Like a simple wild raccoon, I, too, am attracted to bright and shiny objects. Of course, I am smart enough (most of the time) to avoid entrapment on their account. Sadly, this is not always so for the raccoon. But that is another story for another day.

This necklace uses hand-fused silver rings, kiwi sugalite cubes and clear quartz briolettes on a 16″ silver chain. Maybe Erin will write in and tell me what a kiwi sugalite is. That would be nice.

  • Whoops. I misspelled sugilite.

    “Kiwi sugilite”, “Sugilite” “Sugilite kiwi jasper” are the purple stones used in the necklace. they are often referred to as “purple turquoise”, even though the 2 stones aren’t related.

    From it’s more official description: Sugilite is considered a great balancer of mind, body and spirit, and is said to attract healing power. Mystics say it helps with self-forgiveness and brings forth acceptance and belief in oneself. It also is said to eliminate hostility and infuse the being with inspiration and confidence. Yoga enthusiasts believe sugilite stimulates the crown chakra and aids in opening all the chakras, allowing for the movement of Kundalini energy. It is highly regarded for centering spiritual light into the body and drawing out both physical and emotional pain. Sugilite seems to protect against, absorb and dissipate anger. Many also believe it will heal headaches and discomforts, simply by holding it. Sugilite is found on Iwagi Island in Japan, Canada (Quebec) and most importantly, South Africa.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for the post 🙂