Funky Oyster Says: You Go, Pearl!

funky oyster lariat.jpg

What, you may be asking yourself, is a funky oyster? One that has a little too much sand trapped in its lid? Or one that has been shut up down there in the sand for just a leetle beet too long?

None of the above. In fact, Funky Oyster is a new San Francisco-based online destination for fresh water pearl jewelry. The surprisingly affordable offerings ($15-80) go big on color, with pastels and iridescent hues dominating the debut collection. While some styles go the classic route (you know, the sort of necklace that looks great with a crisp white blouse), lariats and items from the Hipster Collection get a little, well, funkier. In a good way.

I think my favorite are the one-color Kaitlin Lariats (pictured). Cost: $25.