If you’ve never been to SCRAP, and you like to do anything remotely crafty, then you’ve got something to put on your to-do list. This place has tons of really random, but really interesting cast-off objects from corporate tchotchkes to apothecary jars to hummingbird feeders. We’re talking old National Geographics, wood scraps, tiles, cardstock, bobbins, t-shirts, boxes, test tubes and wire. It’s a glorious assortment of completely random crap that you can use for umpteen million craft projects. It’s also really, really cheap. For $13, I walked out with over a yard of black fabric, about a quarter yard of quilted shimmery blue fabric, a solid wood frame and a brand new (in plastic packaging) white board with a diva-esque cartoon character and the word BAM! written across the front.

And now for les photos.

The location: deep Bayshore.

Scrap Parking.jpg

Tons of tiles in all sizes.

Tiles Outside.jpg

The fabric aisle:


Candle supply mayhem. Those candle holders on the top shelf were really cool looking and only cost $5. Would look great as part of a centerpiece for a funky dinner party. If I ever did anything involving centerpieces. Which would involve owning a dining table and not sitting on the floor eating off the coffee table every night.
candle supplies.jpg

The paper product aisle. Seriously a crazy amount of paper.


The End.