Fashion Week Live – Event Pix

Ah, Fashion Week Live. SF Indie Fashion was able to weasel its way into the show (thanks to whomever left that back window open). As much as we bemoan the barrier put in place by $500+ tickets to a local fashion event, we can’t help but admit that we were f-ing stoked to be at the show. And it didn’t hurt that the cocktail servers kept trying to refill my wine glass with the enthusiasm of a horny 18-year-old guy at his first frat party.

But I digress. Here, a few of my very unprofessional pictures. As readers of this blog know all too well, I completely suck at capturing things on film. But I try. Think of it as an impressionistic window, through which you may get an abstract sense of the evening. ; )

My favorite shot (loved this sparkling red dress):

FWL 5 Red Dress .jpg

Naomi Campbell looking fierce:

FWL Naomi C Back.jpg

From the front:

FWL 12 Naomi Front.jpg

And another profile:

FWL 8 Naomi C1.jpg

Alek Wek:

FWL 9 Alek Gold Dress.jpg

The finale:

FWL 13 Finale .jpg

Gemma Ward:

FWL 10 Black Dress Side1.jpg

The back of this dress was amazing:

FWL 11 Black Dress Black .jpg

March Jacobs look:

FWL 7 Marc J.jpg

The back of the dress on the left was really sweet:

FWL 6 Back of Dress.jpg

Model face off on the catwalk:

FWL 3 Two Models.jpg

Alex Wek again:
FWL 4 Alek.jpg

You can’t see it, but this was a Lily Samii dress that was gorgeous:

FWL 2 Lily Samii.jpg

Crazy orange flower dress:

FWL 1 Flower Dress.jpg