Custom Laptop Sleeve Cases – Waterfield Designs

waterfield sleeve case.jpg

I heard from the friendly folks at Waterfield Designs today about their new customizable laptop sleeves. Apple already makes custom fit sleeves for Macs, but we PC users have traditionally been S.O.L. when it comes to finding a ultra snug covering for our portable computer devices. There are 40 different sizes available, and you can specify your laptop’s size, make, model, screen size and battery size to come up with the perfect fit. Add a flap for $15.

And it should come as no surprise (since you’re reading this on SF Indie Fashion), that Waterfield’s highly technical bags and laptop sleeves are 100 percent local (i.e. designed here, made here).

And if you don’t think that’s cool enough, how ’bout the fact that Waterfield bags are made from ballistic nylon, the same material used to make bullet-proof vests? So go nuts and shoot your bag anytime. No problemo. As an added bonus, pockets and buckles are made to open with one hand. Great perk for cyclists. And, um, one-handed people.