Colleen Quen You Tube Mini-Documentary

So technology and fashion don’t always go together like PB&J, but local designer and San Francisco Fashion Week alum Colleen Quen definitely has the right idea. I was checking out San Francisco fashion topics on You Tube today and ran across a short, five-minute documentary that features Quen talking about her career and what it’s like to work in fashion from San Francisco, as opposed to New York or Los Angeles. I love this idea. So much so that I am going to forgive Quen for mispronouncing Oscar de la Renta’s and Carolina Herrera’s names on the video. More local designers should shoot mini-docs like this. What a cheap, easy way to promote yourself. Of course, you’d have to bank on fashion junkies searching for you in YouTube, but hey, clearly I’m not the only one. Quen’s video has been viewed 948 times. It’s not as big as Dick in a Box, but you gotta start somewhere.