The Warehouse Denim Sample Sale – March 4, 2007

Did you miss the Underground Denim Sale this weekend (or perhaps, like me, have to physically restrain yourself from buying yet another pair of jeans)? Water under the bridge, dearies. The Warehouse Sale is on for Sunday from 10am-4pm at the Nob Hill Masonic Center (1111 California St).

If I do say so myself, The Warehouse Sale is worth a visit. The last time I went, I got a great pair of gray J Brand jeans that I wear, um, pretty much like every single day. Unless they get dog slobber on them. And then I wash them (p.s. I have a dog. I am not just running into random slobber).

With this, as with so many sales these days, one technically has to RSVP in order to secure admission; however, you can always get in at the door. You might just have to pay a few bucks more. ‘Cause it ain’t like they turn away paying customers.

As usual, my tips for communal dressing room sample sale madness still stand:

– Wear underwear you don’t mind showing to the world

– Wear shoes you can easily take on and off

– Approach this like an athletic event. Maybe enjoy a nice protein beverage before going. Because jockeying for space in front of the mirrors is not a task for the faint of heart.

– Be nice to people around you. They may let you try on their cast-offs.

– Don’t be too nice. Because in a communal dressing room, that might just come off as creepy and weird.