The Jacket

Since last fall, I’ve been eagerly waiting for the birth of my custom Amanda Archer jacket. After she made a fab dress for one of my bridesmaids last year, I went to her with a favorite vintage coat of mine that I was dying to have remade. Basically, it looked great in college, but it’s now threadbare and the fur looks like a dirty stuffed animal. But I have never seen a design quite like it, and I really wanted the look recreated.

I got to see the almost-finished jacket yesterday, and I was really excited with the results. For anyone who’s ever lamented over that vintage find that is falling apart (or that you outgrew – happens to the best of us), having a piece remade is a solution, albeit an expensive and time-consuming one. But that only makes the final result a little sweeter, dontcha think?

Here, the original:

Original Coat.jpg

And the new version with tweed fabric I picked out at Britex and faux fur Amanda found through a supplier in New York:

New Amanda Archer Coat.jpg

When it’s finished, the coat will have a more fitted waist, slimmer arms and a snaps to keep the fur collar in place. Here, the side by side comparison:

Side By Side Coat Comparison.jpg

Amanda often takes custom projects like this. You can find her contact info on her web site.