Capsule Street Fair

Ah the Capsule Street Fair. What a great event. So many designers turned out to show their wares. A few shots (thankfully not impressionist this time around):

Capsule 1.JPG

Capsule 2.JPG

De Novo Coats! If you’re looking for a winter wrap, De Novo’s coats are stylish and classicly cut, but have a funky vintage edge. And the waist is extremely flattering.
DeNovo Coats.JPG

A jewelry designer from Santa Rosa who makes everything out of hand-carved bull horn. Loved her stuff.

Horn Jewelry.JPG
And Rebe’s booth. What a blast of colorful clothing. And really well made, well designed pieces. Often you see either the creativity or the execution, but less often do you find both from designers offering rather extensive collections at this sort of event. I was impressed.

Rebe Booth Capsule.JPG