Impressionistic Warehouse Sale Photos + Free Commentary

More of my fabulously impressionist photographs. Did I mention that I still have RTFM’d the camera manual?

The Entry Line

Warehouse Sale Entry.jpg

Impressionist Landscape #1

Warehouse Sale Inside 1.jpg

Impressionist Landscape #2

Warehouse Sale Inside 3.jpg

Girl With Copious Denim

Warehouse Sale Inside 2.jpg

I found the Warehouse Denim event to be completely worthwhile. It didn’t cost me anything to get in (RSVP’s in advance), and I was able to avoid the $15 parking fee with my ultra savvy parking space stalking skills.

By the time I got there, most of the jeans I saw (and I was looking in the size 29 and up racks, so things might have been different over yonder at the 24s, etc) were Antik Denim, Hudson and 575 Denim. I also saw a lot of Sacred Blue, Blue Cult and some Frankie B, BCBG and a decent amount of J & Company. There were also a few pairs of True Religion, Grass and Chip & Pepper. I wasn’t surprised to see so many Antik Denim samples, mainly because I’ve tried them on several times and find the fit to be really unforgiving. What I was sad about was the lack of Citizens and Seven styles. I only saw one pair of Citizens.

While a lot of the jeans were still in style, there were definitely plenty of WTF? last season ew offerings there as well. That’s just my opinion. But like, denim gauchos and jeans with prominet whisker bleach marks aren’t really what I’m into these days.

I found a pair of gray J & Company jeans that fit like a dream and have snazzy pockets, which I appreciate for their ability to dazzle the eye while camoflaging my posterior. I can’t find the exact style online right now, but my guess is they originally retailed for around $140, could be found online these days for $90-100 and I got them for $60. I think it was $60. Crap. It might have been $70.

I also got two fab shirts from Grail. One is an ultra-soft t-shirt (basically this one, but in gray), the other a sort of wacky button down that has a sort of trailer park, insane party with the Bedazzler and a can of white paint sort of look to it. I quite like it. Both were significantly cheaper than anything equivalent I can find online (most tees are around $60 online, and the sale was pricing them at $29.99).

So that’s how it all went down.