Heart of Cole Festival Pic

Heart of Cole Festival.jpg

A random shot of the Heart of Cole Festival that happened Sunday. I had a nice stroll through the event with my pooch and favorite shopping partner, also known as my husband. He tried to conceal the pained look on his face as I spent 20 minutes at the Janine Marie booth. I tried to involve him in the shopping process by asking his opinion on color and fabric choices. He reported that he liked the belted bags more than the chenille shoulder bags. I took his advice and ended up procuring a large Janine Marie bag in a copper hue for $35 less than I’d seen it offered online. I love shopping indie at these sorts of festivals because the designers often sell at prices lower than those available in boutiques or even on their web sites.

After my triumphant exit from Janine Marie, I asked my husband what would make a festival such as this fun for him. He was silent for a minute. Then he replied, I would like it if I could buy a tasty snack. In the next breath, he added that, unfortunately, he wasn’t hungry. Which was confusing. So we left. When we got home, he made a plate of nachos. Hmm….