Nicacelly – Oh, Hell Yeah

nicacelly wrap hoodie.jpgI stole that title line from the Nicacelly web site, but it’s fitting, because that’s exactly what I thought when I put on one of the local designer’s tops at R.A.G. A few weeks back, I was in the Hayes Valley store hunting for something new from a local to sport to Fashion Week. Hey, I figured you gotta represent when you’re going to Fashion Week. I mean, I feel like anytime I go to a fashion-oriented event, I’ve got to wear something indie. Maybe not all indie – because indie pants are really hard to come by. But something…

I ended up buying and wearing a Nicacelly black empire waist tube top. Dy-no-MITE.

Anyway, I was taken by the Nicacelly tops I saw, so I went online to peruse her collection and – wouldn’t ya know it – I found a lot of other cool creations to further contribute to the ultimate drainage of my bank account.

The overall Nicacelly look is decidely urban, but also feminine and imbued with international attitude (think obi belts, tropical flower graphics…).

The web site is definitely worth checking out – tons of cool tops to peruse.


You can buy readymade and order custom gear at via Giant Peach’s Nicacelly online store.

  • Greetings! I don’t know exactly who wrote this but wanted to give a shout and thank you for the goodness. Please reply with your email and I”ll put you on my list. I am having a show this upcoming weekend where I will be selling a lot of samples for cheap cheap (club whisper). Repeat customers always get a deal with me.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,

  • (oh, and you don’t have to post this reply obviously)
    many thanks!