The Warehouse Sale – Sept. 24

For gals like myself who live in jeans – and I mean like literally don’t own pants other than jeans – the Warehouse Sale coming up on Sept. 24 in San Francisco is sort of like the fashion equivalent of a dozen hot Krispy Kreme donuts, i.e. very delicious. I went last year and picked up two pairs of jeans that I wear constantly. They don’t publicize exactly which designers they will have in stock, but claim to have inventory from every major designer denim label out there. Last year’s event included Antik Denim, J & Co, Serfontaine, Paige, Chip & Pepper and many others that I am blanking on at the moment. Prices were fair – not bargain basement, but cheaper than you’d pay in a boutique or department store. It costs $3 to get in at the door, but is free if you RSVP in advance. If you’re an odd size, you might consider forking over the $15 VIP fee to get in a day early and have the pick of the litter. I always find that there are plenty of tiny tiny sizes at these sales and fewer ones for us ladies with soccer thighs and Russian peasant woman calves. (Hey, when you’ve got mad junk in the trunk, sometimes you gotta strategize your way through the fashion lanes.)

The Warehouse Sale