Torso Vintages – Union Square Show

The Torso Vintages show is on in downtown San Francisco through Sept. 15, 2006. I stopped by yesterday to check it out. Two minutes into my explorations, I almost started crying. Everything there is tres, tres expensive. Like I saw almost nothing under $200. Granted, the quality of the pieces is very high and the inventory includes many standout items (like a gorgeous yellow Chanel suit, a diva-esque bubblegum pink cloak with dy-no-mite fur collar and a little black Chanel dress so classic it could have turned heads at any red carpet event in the last century). But it’s totally depressing to find oneself surrounded by so many gorgeous things that one cannot have. Boo.

Why you should go: Sifting through clothing from the past is just such a valuable experience if you’re looking for inspiration – either for making your own clothes, drumming up design ideas or for outfitting yourself in the future. And Torso’s selection really is wonderful – it’s just the price tag that stings like a bitch.