FTLOG: High-Waist Pants

butt.JPGOh high-waist pants, where are you?

I was recently inspired by a viewing of Norma Rae to re-adopt the high-waisted pant. Unfortunately, I can’t find any. Maybe it’s all for the best. Many I have consulted with on the matter of high-waisted pants tell me that they are ugly and unflattering to most female bodies (of course this pronouncement came from two self-appointed male experts whose judgment may be based, in part, on the fact that they have never seen an attractive version of the high-waist pant). Well, so are exposed butt cracks (note photo) and low-rider gut overhang. I’m not talking about sky-high, up to your ears insane lady high-waist pants (like something Laura would make on Project Runway), but rather pants that rise up near the belly button and fall gracefully to the floor without being palazzos.

This is my lament for the day.

Sorry if the butt crack above is yours. It was in my way. So I captured it.

P.S. If any SF designer out there wants to make me a pair of high-waist pants – which I’ll pay you for (obviously) – get in touch. I’m serious. Oh. How would you contact me? Leave me a comment on the site.

  • Heather G.

    Hey! I am insulted, why did you use that picture of me in this posting!?! haha, I love this section, i want more!