Sale Surfing – Citysearch Weekly Sales

pear saltlick hoodie.jpgWho has the time, the energy, the fundage to shop full retail price these days? As I’ve mentioned before, I often slum it in the bargain bin and slide on over to the sale rack when I shop – expressly for the purpose of using the money I’m supposedly saving to buy one-of-a-kind finds from indie designers. Like the extremely comfortable and borderline cutesy grey hoodie with felt pear applique from Saltlick NYC that I’m currently donning – and don’t worry, I didn’t pay anywhere near $98 for it. You get those major vendor discounts when you buy at events like Appel & Frank. But my point is, in order to justify spending somewhere around $60 for a hoodie from an indie designer, I’ve got to be an eagle for local sales. Hence my excitement over Citysearch’s new-ish feature San Francisco Sales and Discounts. Hardly limited to apparel or accessories, this weekly round-up is a place to check for Bay Area shops offering deals on everything from bamboo flooring to men’s facials. So check and check often. You just never know when something you actually need might be out there for less.