Built By Wendy – New Sewing Book

Built By Wendy.jpgBuilt By Wendy, a pioneering indie company with boutiques in NYC, Brooklyn and L.A., has just released a new sewing book called Sew U: The Built By Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe. Now if that’s not indie fashion news of the first order, then I don’t know what is.

The book includes patterns for making a pair of pants, a button-down shirt and a skirt – all completely customizable according to your wishes. For $25.95, that in and of itself is a good deal when you consider that individual Built By Wendy patterns cost $14.95 each.

In addition to giving you patterns and suggestions for enhancing them to fit your own style, the book covers all the basics an indie fashionista could hope for: choosing a machine, pattern deciphering, setting up a sewing room, what to buy at the sewing/fabric store, fabric basics, measuring, sizing and much more lovely stuff. Personally, I am about to pee in my pants to have this book. But I will refrain. Because I love my sofa. And that is the only reason.

Built By Wendy