Janine Marie Handbags

janine-marie belted bag.jpgOoooo! Love this belted bag from Oakland-based designer Janine Marie. This belted bag is pictured with the Blue Kimono Sash, but you can choose which belt or sash you want. You can also choose the bag in small ($116) or large ($130). I just think this is a great everyday bag for hauling around all those things you’ve just gotta have in tow – for me, it’s the water bottle, notebook, George Costanza-sized wallet, Trish make-up kit, cell, random balls of paper, receipts, sunglasses and camera daily extravaganza.

If I were buying this bag, I think I’d go with the Brown Banded Belt option. Sometimes I’m not feeling all that floral, so I think I’d get more use out of it with a more subdued belt.

But this leads me to my point – which is that you can customize your own bag. There are suggested bag/belt combos on the site, but you can order the belted bags in any combination your little heart so desires.

When you visit the site, don’t miss the hobos and messenger bags. I really liked the cobblestone hobo bag. Kind of a nice balance of rocker and chic. Would look great with the skinny jeans nightmare that is happening everywhere (just kidding Dawn…)