Vestiti Rupa Sunday (Aug. 13)

Hey doo-das. That’s what I’m calling people today. Vestiti Rupa touches down at the Canvas Gallery this Sunday. I just love a midday meal ‘n shop at the Canvas. Designers include:

Ko.Baker Designs

De Novo

My Windup Bird

Mimosa Studio

Recover your Thoughts

Ruchi Studio

Designs by Mz Pink



Sille Stuff

Hilary’s Dolls

Icon National

Marc by Marc Jacobs


Free People

A few comments:

1. I don’t know how to deal with those random gray quotes up there. So apologies for that. I’m not html-savvy enough yet to fix them.

2. Weird that Marc by Marc Jacobs would have to show stuff at the Canvas Gallery considering there’s a whole f-ing store on Maiden Lane. Um, right? Ditto with Anthropologie. And semi-ditto with Free People. Why are these biggies at a smallie show in the Sunset on a Sunday??

3. This – IMHO – is a good list of designers. I am especially enamored of the Icon National line, as shown at Rag SF.

Vestiti Rupa