California Pendant Necklace

Maya Brenner Cali necklaceI was browsing the Doe web site yesterday, and I became instantly enamored of this lovely California necklace by Maya Brenner (Cali designer best known for her revival of the charm necklace). It comes in silver ($70) and gold ($150). Other states (Louisiana, Kentucky, Florida) are available through Maya Brenner’s web site. There’s even a bi-coastal version with a California charm and an apple charm for those Cali-NYC hybrid people out there. If I were bi-coastal, I’d really dig that necklace. As it is, I’m strictly West Coast yall.

As an aside, anyone interested in unique fashion finds in the $75-$150 range should check out the rest of the inventory at Doe, located in the Lower Haight. There are some really cute dresses in stock right now, as well as this fab shirt that I just can’t get over. And of course, there are tunic-y babydoll tops that go perfectly with skinny jeans (which I will not be wearing this season, but I am afraid of this vow turning into the sort I made about Uggs, which I now own, though unintentionally due to a random Christmas gift, but now I love them, and it sort of sucks but also sort of rocks, if that makes any sense).

Maya Brenner California Necklace on Doe

Maya Brenner official site