New Category: For the Love of God

I’m starting a new category (because this is my blog and I can) that has nothing to do with fashion other than aiding a fashion-related blog owner to become less aggro and more peaceful and loving towards other humans.

For the Love of God: Puh-lease. If everyone could just put on their lefthand turn signals before the light turns green, we would all be living in a much, much better society. There is simply no point in sitting at a red light without your blinker on if you plan to turn left when the light turns green. People behind you who are late to their destinations or otherwise anal and in a massive hurry get v. upset when they discover the left lane frontee is now a leftee.

  • Can we talk about people who signal *as* they’re turning, but not before? The whole point of the signal is advance warning, right? It doesn’t freaking help if you do it as I can already see that you’re turning.

  • This is quite, quite true. It may even possibly be more annoying than the signal right before the light changes – because it’s not even functional at that point. My question is, is it rude to honk at someone if they put on their signal right before/during the left hand turn?