Paul & Joe @ Target

denim mini.jpg

So not everything can be indie. I usually justify the occasional buy chez Target by telling myself that saving money on basics there will allow me to pick up something indie and unusual at the next fashion-y event.

When I read in my Splendora email this week that there’s a Paul & Joe line at Target, I was v. intrigued. While staving off Stella McCartney at H&M flashbacks, I perused the online offerings. I’ve gotta tell ya. The denim mini with owl pockets might even lead to one of my semi-annual trips to Daly City. Don’t know about that shirt though. Absolutely hate weird floral patterns.

Though I cannot and will not embrace skinny jeans for personal body shape reasons (and also because they just freakin’ remind me of stirrup pants), I really cannot help but try the mini + leggings thing. As an SF gal who never wears skirts for fear of massive wind gusts leading to unintentional flashage of strangers, I just think leggings are underrated and ripe for another little dance in the spotlight.

So yes, I may be driving to Target this weekend. Good times. Oh, and the whole point of this post was to say that, yes, Paul & Joe have a line at Target right now. Although I like their premium stuff a lot more, I can always dig me some designer discounts…

Paul & Joe