Fashion Week Kick-Off Party Pix

Went to the Fashion Week 2006 kick-off party last night on Maiden Lane. Got there a little late, just in time for the drink lines to become totally horrifying. But these things happen with open bars. It was cool to be at a function on Maiden Lane. Cool concept. Liked the Raj Tents. The best party of the party, as far as I was concerned, was the people watching. Of course, I didn’t take any great shots of the outfits. It had been a long day, and I just didn’t feel like walking up to strangers and trying to explain why I wanted to take their picture etc. Hey, I’m a writer, not a PR person or a photographer, etc. To all the ladies out there rockin’ the short shorts these days, I say more power to ya. If you can pull it off, embrace the trend. The big thick belt at the middle of the waist thing? Often cool, but don’t jack the belt up so high your mammaries are hanging over the top edge. I saw that. I couldn’t stop staring. Leggings. I love this legging moment that is happening right now. I can’t believe I am saying that having been scarred by them somewhat during my middle school years in the 1980s. What else? A few picks. Not the best, but it was dark. And I was trying to balance wine and my coat and my bag and balance on tiny shoes.

Fashion Week Pre Party 2.JPG

Random shot of Maiden Lane with the party in the distance. Most people were packed down at one end near the DJ tent.

Ian Blue Steel Fashion Week1.JPG

Ah. This is my friend doing Blue Steel in honor of Fashion Week.

Dior Top.JPG

This was probably my favorite part of the night. Seeing this gorgeous Dior top in the window on the way back to the car. Not that this photo does it justice. But if you’re near Union Square, look out for it. It’s a beaut. Oh, and I also enjoyed the Peju wine. Love that stuff.

Marc Jacobs Window.JPG
This is the current Marc Jacobs window display. Just because. Little slouchy this season. Not trying to look like a hermit bag lady librarian, but I can still drool over the bags.
Fashion Week 1.JPG

Yet another random shot of Maiden Lane. Should I become a professional photographer? I’m thinking yes.

Fashion Week Pre Party 3.JPG
This is the ball and chain enjoying Fashion Week’s first event with obvious gusto.