Candystore Sale

Candystore is havin’ a salie sale. Not sure exactly what’s on sale and how good the deals are, but if you’re in the Mission, you should swing by this lovely little store. The last time I was in there was a few weeks ago, and I was lamenting to my companion that I loved so many things, but could not afford them. Well, dahlings. Voila. The answer to my little prayers.

Funny story: When I had to write the blurb about this shop that appears on Citysearch (’cause that’s what I do in my free time), I went to the web site and was like, what is this store?? I usually check web sites before heading over to the stores I write about, and the Candystore web site definitely leaves you guessing about the inventory. Roll the cursor over the little man’s crotch. It’s truly bizarre.